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Welcome to Hobofinance.  My name is Tom Fazio and Hobofinance is my brainchild.  One of many.  One of many that probably never needed to be born.  Nevertheless it thrives and at present is serving as an ongoing case study on the efficacy of high leverage high risk investing under the guise of a royal pooch screw trade in Coffee.  But when it isn’t marking what may prove one of the largest mistakes of my life, it serves as a creative financial reference tool and education center for likeminded hoboes. 

You see, I consider myself very in tune with the flux of life, the way of things, the royal WE.  And what I feel now more than ever is that there is nothing more evil in life than work.  And there is nothing more virtuous than finding a loophole in the system, exploiting it, watching the ignorant masses scramble for a piece of pie, and mastering Kung Fu.  I see this so clearly that I dedicated the last 5 years of my life to studying unconventional means to early retirement (also known as investment), a study that only makes sense when one is acutely aware of his (or her) own mortality and can’t afford to waste it behind some god awful desk surrounded by zombies.

So whether you’re here to learn something of commodities, futures and options trading, investment, sticking it to the man, or to tacitly watch the carnage that is my current coffee trade, may Hobofinance.com be your enlightened guide.  All of the information in this site is 100% accurate and may be blindly followed until financial independence is yours.  I have no risk disclaimer because I need no risk disclaimer.  There is risk.  There is risk in life.  But that doesn’t mean it ought to be feared and avoided at all costs. 

I mean shit, Jesus was crucified.  Did he tell his disciples not to propagate his tidy lovingness?  His mounted sermon or his flagrant truths?  No, he promised them two things; pain and glory.  If you learn and apply the principles on this site, you’re going to get your ass kicked.  But you’ll also learn, grow, and with any luck, retire without getting a real job.  That’s more honesty than you’ll get at any other financial website that tries to make this game look easy.  It isn’t.  All the great investors lost and lost big on their paths to glorious retirement.  But they persevered and did what we all must do, find a sucker to loan you more cash until the gods capitulate.  And for the love of all that is holy, avoid the knife!

For those who actually wanted to know something about the real me there is a more detailed, less hyperbolic profile at my Personal Trainer Shanghai website.  For those who wanted to know what finance is, welcome home.  For those who wanted to know what a hobo is, god help you.  Thanks for reading.